Why Escape Rooms Are Growing so Popular World Over

World over fun lovers has warmed up to real-life escape rooms. Here participants are locked in a prearranged room for a known time frame. Within which they need to use the elements around them, find clues, solve puzzles, and work their way out of the room. These experiences are based on computer/video games which used to be for single players.

Popular Themes

Ranging from horror, adventure, mystery, detective – crime solving the rooms offer varied experiences like prison cells, casinos, space stations, art gallery theft, zombies, asylum, operation theater, bank heist, interrogations as spy agent, pirates. These exit games are growing in number and popularity globally, including Europe, America, and Asia.

Corporate Bookings

When companies send their teams to play these games, it is more than just a fun-filled day. People learn how to deal with tricky situations. Many show their leadership skills by motivating others. All need to communicate with each other to crack the puzzles as quickly as possible — these implied features for winning boost team development.

For Public

Friends and families for social events and birthday parties are opting for these to indulge in something different and bond better. Tourists to get the hang of the local concepts while playing a game or two and relishing indoor activity. Sometimes separate groups would compete with each other and see which team finishes first.

Choosing Game Rooms

Most of these can be booked online or via phone. This makes the brain-busting activity easily accessible. Suggestions for different games can come up based on the number and age bracket of the group’s members, event/ occasion and their relation (colleagues, couple, family, friends, group travelers), games played previously, age requirements, duration, and level of adventure, challenges involved.

Most of these are not based on physical strength but skills like creativity, logical reasoning, teamwork, communication, strategics, time planning, motivation, problem-solving, and leadership. Many a team, the successful clubs, get clicked in a group photo to make their experience memorable.

Portable Escape Rooms

When you can’t get on-site, portable puzzle rooms can be brought to your location. What’s even better is that you may also get the experience customized as per personal preferences.

All in all these fun games are a great way to connect with others and escaping real-life with some role-playing.